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How did it start? A Residents’ or Community Association for Cannon Park was inaugurated at a meeting on 16 March 1978.

Early objectives included provision of a play area, a community building and a senior youth cub. Newsletters record a thriving youth club of up to 80 teenagers which met once a week at the Primary School.

The Association organised numerous social events, the proceeds of which, until later years, heavily subsidised its routine work.

The web site was inaugurated on 18 June 2008
Heat Map to help residents
Coventry residents can now check out the heat loss from their property, thanks to a new colour coded map produced by Coventry City Council. Residents can go to type in their address or post code and check how the heat loss from their roof compares to other nearby homes and to the city as a whole.

Cannon Park picture
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Encampment at Cannon Park
Received from Simon Hutt (Coventry City Council)

From: "Hutt, Simon" (
Date: 24 April 2017 at 14:27:00 BST
Subject: Unauthorised encampment Sir Henry Park Road Update

Afternoon All,
As you are aware there is an unauthorised encampment on Sir Henry Parks road (green land next to Aldi). The Council's legal team have now started legal process to deal with this, and a notice will be served this afternoon.

Kind Regards


Simon Hutt
Street Enforcement Manager(City Centre & South)
Streetscene & Greenspace
Place Directorate
Jackson Road
Tel: 024 7683 1903
Mobile: 07904601338

Warwick University
Proposed multi-storey car park

Notes on the public consultation held on 16 January

Present: Warwick University Personnel and Consultants, Ward Councillors, Residents, CPCA. Attendance thought not to reflect claimed publicity. Format: Drawings exhibited on boards

Proposal: 6 ??-storey circa 1,300 space multistorey car park. Location: Site of existing 560 space surface car park. off Kirby Corner Road. Number of spaces claimed to be within masterplan, (MSCP 7 to be demolished). Access etc: Kirby Corner Road and Gibbet Hill Road. Design advanced but too vague.

Planning application expected to be submitted in 3 -4 weeks. - effectively a fait accompli.

Particulars and Drawings can be accessed: Proposed new multi storey car park
Look at the sub headings under Q&A

Campus developments
Look under "Future Projects"

Consultation on proposed new multi-storey car park
Look at the sub-headings under Q&A

Comment : Lack of transparency, ill-considered location, access, congestion, no meaningful consultation etc. A Public meeting requested with Vice Chancellor in attendance.

Must be read in conjunction with Notice of Proposed A 46 Link Road (see below).
Hon. Sec 21:01:17
Warwick University
Proposed A 46 Link Road

We have been made aware of an intended new Link Road from an enlarged A 46 / Stoneleigh Rd. junction - extending possibly to near the proposed NEC / HS2 interchange. The project is in three phases over a much extended period. The programme not known. Everything is subject to approvals, finance etc. See received information.

Design work on the junction (phase 1) is proceeding. The line of the road (probably adjacent to HS2) is yet to be decided. It is intended to serve Warwick University-bound traffic.

Gibbet Hill Road and Stoneleigh. Road are heavily congested at peak hours. Queues of stationary vehicles on the A 46 waiting to exit onto Stoneleigh. Road. are a hazard. A Warwick University to A 46 link is long overdue.

Marked lack of certainty. To proceed with phase 1 without commitment to fully defined scheme invites abortive work. In isolation the enlarged junction would merely exacerbate congestion.

NOTE A planning application is due to be submitted for Phase 1 in 2017/18, with public consultation to follow later that year. Hon Sec. 21:01:17
Warwick University
1,300 space multi-storey car park
Planning Application

PLANNING REFERENCE: OUT/2017/0260 Subsequent to the 22:01:17 note, Warwick University has submitted an OUTLINE planning application for a 7 storey, 1,300 space, MSCP to be located on campus adjacent to the junction of Gibbet Hill Rd. with Kirby Corner Rd. and University House.

Click to vierw the Application particulars Note: public consultation starts 14:02:17 and ends 09:03:17.

Key documents are (i) Planning Statement (ii) Design and Access Statement (iii) Drawings ( for detail plan see "Transport Assessment"). As an 'outline' application, comments should be directed at e.g. location; number of storeys; scale; height; compatibility with the nearby buildings etc.. Traffic congestion is a major issue - particular attention should be paid to access / egress / routes and the impact on local roads etc..

(i) Application states: Number of storeys: 7; height approximately. 26 M ; footprint 6,600 m2 ; (nb zone limit is 5 storeys - Masterplan provides for surface parking.)

(ii) Currently the decision is scheduled to be 'delegated' (i.e. by planning officer as opposed to Committee) - similarly all "Reserved Matters" i.e. amendments; design details; materials; specification etc..

(iii) The application claims that, when completed, the number of car parking spaces on campus will not exceed the Masterplan limit. That an application for a major scheme in a prominent location might not be decided by Planning Committee is a matter for concern. The 'Consultation' referred to in the application was NOT as advocated by Coventry City Council.when proposals were being formulated....' - drawings were exhibited shortly before submission i.e. a fait accompli.

Residents are advised to examine the Application. Comments to the Planning Department(suggest copied to Andrew Cornfoot ) or by letter marked with Ref. OUT/2017/0260 to Place Directorate, Development Management, Civic Centre 4,; Much Park Street, Coventry CV1 2PY.
Hon Sec. 15:02:17
Warwick University Science Park:
Proposed extension to Millburn Hill Road and junction with Kirby Corner Road

Millburn Hill Road, leading off Sir Williams Lyons Rd. serves the Science Park. It is proposed to extend Millburn Hill Road and form a LEFT ONLY TURN on to Kirby Corner Rd. - providing an optional exit for departing vehicles heading for Gibbet Hill Road, Westwood Heath Road etc.

The junction is sited opposite to and near the entrance to the running track ; a "splitter island" is intended to prevent right hand turns.

Google maps illustrate the location; refer to the attached plan for details. [ Apparently this new link has to be closed for one day per annum - hence the gate ].

The theory is that afternoon traffic leaving the Science Park and heading south or west using this option will give some relief to the congested Lynchgate Road. Warwick University advises that little traffic use Lynchgate Link, because only some 130 - 200 spaces of the 625 space multistorey car park are being used. Once fully used any relief is questionable.

If Warwick University were ever to link Millburn Hill Road with the campus roads then Lynchgate Road could become a major entrance / exit to the university.

The pdf plan should be read in connection with the application for the 1,300 space mult-story car park.

This proposal is probably not subject to a committee approval - any comments to Ward Councillors Gary Crookes Gary Crookes - copies to Tim Sandon and John Blundell
Hon Sec. 15:02:15